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Open House at the Skills Station.

12th July 2014

By invitation of our branch secretary Gwen Harper we were delighted to visit her company, The Skills Station, and enjoy hands on experience at her industrial unit. The company offers digital printing, “printwear” (Tee shirts) promotional goods, binding, laminating, signage, notices/flyers, and A-boards and banners. In fact a wide range of professional services including database management, mailings, and printed address mail shots.

Our happy group consisted of Len and Sandra Friend, Ken and Mary Wright, Ron and Margaret Rooks, John and Julie Alexander, Alan Brignull and Chris.Brinson together with our old friend Mike Perry. We were warmly welcomed by Gwen, and her daughter and son in law, Ruth and Richard Glover, who plied us with tea coffee and biscuits upon arrival. They also supplied us with a splendid buffet lunch.
Skills Station
Upon entering the main door we came across an ancient platen press from about 1914. I wonder if you can guess the make? If you can, drop a line to the editor. This little competition is not open to members of the Essex Branch but it might well fox some of the experts in the B.P.S. And before you try I can tell you it is not a Model Press.
We had a few projects in mind for the morning, including personalised mug printing, designs for flyers for our forthcoming major two day event at Barley lands country show, and a heat press tee-shirt in metallic iridescent foil.

The finished tee shirt when it came off the press drew spontaneous applause from the group when it was displayed by Gwen, with a triumphant gleam in her eye. Really it was a very attractive motif which shimmered and shone in a multitude of colours.
(See the finished article being modelled by Julie in our picture)
Gwen will be printing our efforts on her Risograph in time for the events. The Risograph has a choice of six colours and can print two at any one time.
Skills Station
All the members of our Essex Branch owe Gwen a big thank you for such an interesting and pleasant day. All members attending were given a free bottle of wine from Gwen’s own winery, complete with a beautifully printed label.

We were warned the 2013 vintage has a high alcohol content, so let us raise a glass to Gwen Harper, and wish her good health and happiness, and say thank you for a splendid day.

Report by Chris. Brinson - Photography Chris. Brinson